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March 23: “Mad Men” Art Installation Unveiling
March 23: Late Night with Seth Meyers
March 25: The Launch of The “Mad Men” Inspired Birchbox at The Four Seasons
March 27: Smithsonian Museum Of American History: “Mad Men” Ceremony
March 31: Jaguar Land Rover Exclusive Reception To Celebrate 2015 New York Auto Show
March 31: Jaguar 2016 XF Sedan Unveiling
May 17: A Farewell to “Mad Men” presented by the Television Academy
May 17: Google Play Debuts “The Mad Men Experience”

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Christina was recently on Sesame Street discussing technology. Check out the video below!

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March 27th, 2015   Appearance & Events Comments Off on Photos: Mad Men Black & Red Ball

Thanks to Claudia, I’ve added over 140 HQ photos of Christina attending the Mad Men Black & Red Ball on March 25!


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I’ve added over 250 HQ photos of Christina attending various events to promote the upcoming final episodes of Mad Men!


ach_MadMenExhibit_011.jpg ach_MadMen7BNYCScreening_024.jpg ach_MadMen7BNYC_072.jpg ach_MadMen7BNYC-Party_001.jpg

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March 12th, 2015   Articles and Interviews Comments Off on The Uncensored, Epic, Never-Told Story Behind ‘Mad Men’

Casting for the pilot begins in 2006. Weiner and AMC agree on hiring unknown actors.

Christina Hendricks (Joan Holloway) I was up for another pilot, and I chose Mad Men. The [agency I was with] was like, “It’s on AMC, it’s a period piece, it’s never going to go. Are you crazy? You’re not going to make money for us …” I thought it was a little impatient of them. So I moved on.

With production having moved to Los Angeles, Mad Men premieres July 19, 2007, to critical acclaim but faces an uphill ratings battle and an uncertain future.

Hendricks It was during the writers strike, so there was no [Globes] ceremony. We all watched it from the Chateau Marmont and we just sat there with our mouths agape. The Emmys were the next thing up.

Instead, in March 2011, he takes home $30 million for a three-season contract after negotiations with AMC and Lionsgate sideline the network flagship for more than a year.

Hendricks At one point I thought, “This is taking a little too long.”

Finally back on the air in 2012, Weiner makes adds (and cuts) to the cast and starts plotting an endgame.

Hendricks The common area [on the set] started as a piece of AstroTurf and a little glass table with four chairs, and then one year we came back and there was a full deck with a built-in fire pit and Christmas lights.

AMC splits the final season into two parts, with the last seven episodes airing nearly a year after it wraps in July 2014.


February 14th, 2015   Gallery Comments Off on Photos: HONOR Fall 2015 Fashion Show

I’ve added over 50 HQ photos of Christina attending the HONOR show at New York Fashion Week on February 12!


ach_HonorNYFW_012.jpg ach_HonorNYFW_045.jpg ach_HonorNYFW_049.jpg ach_HonorNYFW_022.jpg

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February 11th, 2015   Appearance & Events, Gallery Comments Off on Photos: David Yurman Soho Boutique Grand Opening

I’ve added 20 HQ photos of Christina attending yesterday’s David Yurman Soho Boutique Grand Opening Event To Benefit New Yorkers For Children!

ach_YurmanOpening_002.jpg ach_YurmanOpening_012.jpg ach_YurmanOpening_020.jpg ach_YurmanOpening_017.jpg

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February 6th, 2015   Articles and Interviews, Projects, The Neon Demon Comments Off on Christina joins ‘The Neon Demon’

BERLIN– Keanu Reeves and Christina Hendricks have joined the cast of Nicolas Winding Refn’s “The Neon Demon,” the subversive female-driven horror tale that marks Danish helmer’s follow-up to “Only God Forgives.”

Sold and financed by Gaumont and Wild Bunch, “The Neon Demon” stars Elle Fanning (“Super 8″).

Abbey Lee (“Drive”), Jena Malone (“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1″), and Bella Heathcote (“Beneath Hill 60″) round out the eclectic cast of up-and-coming actresses.

Refn’s partner, Lene Borglum (“Valhalla Rising,” “Only God Forgives”), is producing via their company Space Rocket.

The key crew of “The Neon Demon” comprises Refn‘s regular collaborators: editor Matthew Newman and composer Cliff Martinez.

Gaumont and Wild Bunch are shopping the project at the EFM and have started discussions with U.S. buyers.

The two Paris-based companies teamed on Refn’s last film, “Only God Forgives,” which world premiered in competition at Cannes.

Production is slated to begin March 30.


January 10th, 2015   Gallery 4 Comments

I’ve added screencaptures from the b-roll of Christina’s Nice ‘n Easy photoshoot, as well as two HQ shoot photos!


ach_NEEBRoll_093.jpg ach_NEEBRoll_449.jpg ach_NEE-Shoot_001.jpg ach_NEE-Shoot_002.jpg

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